1. Mistake for the future


    Khalmer-U is a former colony of miners in the Republic of Komi. After the USSR collapse the mine was eliminated in 1993 and the colony was disembodied. The change of political and economical systems made the decision on destiny of the colony which couldn't find the place in future. It's interesting for me to see how external forces change the physical landscape of the place making once the lively colony the decorations of the past. I think the political apocalypse here equals to the force of nature which comes as a destroying force unable to be affected by a man. He has to comply with it. Currently this colony is being used as a military field and is called "Pemboy". The buildings became shooting marks for the guided missiles which are supposed to protect the country's future. Shot down by the missiles and lost in tundra colony continues to be a shatter of time and the mistake for the future.