1. Igor Samolet

    Born in 1984, Russia, Kotlas


    Igor Samolet is a Russian artist, born in 1984, Kotlas, in 2013 graduated from The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow).

    In his works Samolet turns to the nature of human relationships, refracting and viewing it through social, political and digital filters. All his projects have complex dramaturgy: from comedy, to the true dramatic personality, wich is often marginal or considered as such due to the new Russian social norms that have replaced the short-term freedom of speech and self-expression. Samolet interprets the image of a modern person through his emotional instability, showing his deep vulnerability in the global information process inside the giant digital world space, which we call post-digital.

    Igor Samolet began to work with «direct photo», but now he came to what he calls «performative photography»: he himself simulates situations and possible scenarios within the frame. In his last projects he uses personal photo archives to create three-dimensional objects, exploring the plasticity of the image and its interaction with the form.


    Игорь Самолет – российский художник, родился в 1984 году в Котласе, в 2013 году окончил Moscow Photography and Multimedia School n.a.Rodchenko.
    В своих работах Игорь Самолет обращается к природе человеческих взаимоотношений, преломляя и рассматривая их через социальный, политический и цифровой фильтры. Всем проектам художника присуща сложная драматургия: от комедийности до подлинного драматизма личности, часто маргинальной или считающейся таковой в силу новых российских социальных норм, пришедших на смену кратковременной свободе слова и самовыражения. Самолет трактует образ современного
    человека через его эмоциональную неустойчивость, показывая его глубокую уязвимость внутри гигантского цифрового пространств. Мира, который мы называем post-digital.
    Игорь Самолет начинал работать с «прямой фотографией», но сейчас пришел к тому, что он называет «перформативной фотографией»: он сам моделирует ситуации и возможные варианты развития событий в кадре. В своих последних проектах (таких как «Пьяные признания») он использует личные фотоархивы для создания трехмерных объектов, исследуя пластику изображения и его взаимодействие с формой.



    2011 — 2013 Moscow Photography and Multimedia School n.a. Rodchenko

    2003 — 2008 Syktyvkar State University, Graphic designer

    Solo exhibitions

    2019 — «Dragon Head», Richter space, Scene Gallery, Moscow, Russia 31 December 2018 - 10 January 2019

    2018 — «Complicated hugs», MaximBoxer Gallery, Moscow, Russia 7.12.2018

    2018 — «Reciprocal accusations», Workshop Foundation of  Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, Moscow, Russia 4.10.2018

    2018 — «Herbarium» Circulation(s) 2018, 104 CENTQUATRE, Paris, France

    2017 — «Drunk confessions» Workshop Foundation of  Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, Moscow, Russia 22/12/2017

    2017 — «See me more» Atelier AM ECK gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany 16/11/2017

    2017 — «Sophisticated hugs» Syktyvkar, Russia

    2017 — «Breakfast for Artem», сurator Anya Zaitseva, («X Moscow International Biennale Fashion and style in photography 2017»), CENTRAL EXHIBITION HALL MANEGE, Moscow, Russia

    2016 — «Herbarium», Uglich, Russia

    2015 — «Herbarium», Fotodepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia 

    2015 — «Herbarium» , сurator Anya Zaitseva, MOSCOW MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (IX Moscow International Biennale Fashion and style in photography 2015), Moscow, Russia 

    2015 — «Be happy - I'm happy», Bogorodskaya gallery, Moscow, Russia /Censored and closed/

    2014 — «I live in a rosette», ROSIZO, Moscow, Russia 

    2012 — «Steam» VINZAVOD Art Center, Moscow, Russia 

    2008 — «Balcony», Gallery Shuperski, Poznan, Poland 

    2007 — «№7», Syktyvkar, Russia 

    Selected exhibitions

    2019 — «Random dream generator», New wing of the Gogol House, Moscow, Russia 

    2019 — «faith in a deep crisis», (сurated by Vera Trakhtenberg), Victoria Gallery, Samara 
    (installation "Not sure if you need it, but you should know that I am taking a bath in coniferous concentrate") 18 мау - 23 june 19

    2019 — «Will you be a witness? 2007/19», (сurated by Katia Goryaeva), Center for Modern Art «Factory», Moscow (installation "Santa-Barbara (Series 1721)") 18 мау -11 june 19

    2019 — «Ostlook Platform: How to Deal with History?» (сurated by Jewgeni Roppe) The Folklore State Centre of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia (work "Herbarium") 5 maу 19

    2019 — «Über Leben am Land», (сurator: Verena Kaspar-Eisert) KUNST HAUS WIEN, Vienna, Austria 23 march -25 august 2019

    2018 — «sans (t)rêve et sans merci» (сurator: Ivan Novikov), CUBE Moscow, Moscow, Russia 14 fev -14 march 19

    2018 — «Digital landscape»,  (сurator: Cornelius Stiefenhofer) Havremagasinet, Boden, Sweden (installation "Marshmallow-flavored marshmallow") 27 October 2018 – 13 Januari 2019

    2018 — «Fringes», (сurator: Kristina Romanova, Nail Farkhatdinov) Department of Research Arts, Pavilion "Optics", VDNH, Moscow, Russia (installation "Waltz")

    2018 — «Rodchenko’s School. A Selection», МАММ, Moscow, Russia

    2018 — «Athens Photo Festival:18», Benaki museum, Athens, Greece (work "Herbarium")

    2018 — «Ostlook Exhibition. Contemporary Photography from East» (7th Hamburg Photography Triennale, Gallery 21, Hamburg, Germany  (curator by Jewgeni Roppel) (work "Herbarium")

    2018 — «Circulation(s) 2018. Festival of young European photography», 104 CENTQUATRE, Paris, France (work "Herbarium")

    2018 — «Connection. Contemporary Russian photography», Gallery Kvaka 22, Belgrade, Serbia (curated by Olga Matveeva) (installation "Mountain")

    2018 — «Familienarchiv», Theater am Steg, Baden, Austria (curator by Elena Konyushikhina) (work "Breakfast for Artem")

    2018 — «Exhibition of nominees for the Innovation Award 2018», The National Lenin Library, Moscow, Russia (curator by Alexander Burenkov)

    2017 — «Rodchenko School. New Generation of Russian Art. Photography and multimedia», RINZINGER PROJEKTE, Vienna, Austria (curator by Olga Sviblova) (work "Breakfast for Artem")

    2017 — «Rehearsals of pleasure / and other conditions», Regina gallery, Moscow, Russia

    2017 — «Orgy of things» Workshop Foundation of  Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, curator Vladimir Logutov and Ilya Samorukov, Moscow, Russia

    2016 — «New spread», The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia 

    (books "be happy")

    2016 — «Dialogs», Syktyvkar, Russia 

    2016 — «About SR. 10 years of Rodchenko's school» МАММ, Moscow, Russia

    2016 — «Night of Photography», Tbilisi, Georgia

    2016 — «Only non-official language», VINZAVOD Art Center, Moscow, Russia

    2016 — «F/STOP 2016 Festival for Photography», Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Germany (25. June - 3. Jule)

    2016 — «Arkhangelsk Photo Festival», Arkhangelsk, Russia (20 May –  June)

    2016 — «Territory», Railway Museum, Riga Photomonth 2016, Riga, Latvia

    2015 — «Something is up», Brewhouse art-center, Special Progects The 6th Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

    2015 — «Trends», NEW WING of Gogol House, Special Progects The 6th Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

    2015 — «Paths», Hilger next gallery, Vienna, Austria 

    2015 — «Construction. Photography in search of approach», Photoparade in Uglich, Russia

    2015 — «Competitive Exhibition Photomania 2015», Festival "Baltic Biennale of Photography", Kaliningrad, Russia

    2015 — «The Smell Of Dust» Brazil, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands 

    2014 — «Troublemakers» Flakon, Moscow, Russia

    2014 — «SNOECKSshow» Schipperskappel, Brugge, Belgium

    2012-2016 — «Mooseberry. International plein air» Syktyvkar, Russia

    2014 — «Young Russian Photography» Norilsk, Syktyvkar, Russia

    2014 — «Generation START», Manifesta10, St. Petersburg, Russia 

    2014 — «Inventing everyday life» Manifesta10, St. Petersburg, Russia

    2014 — «Twelve thinking photographers» Manifesta10, St. Petersburg, Russia

    2013 — «Most», Slubice, Poland

    2013 — «Five» Gallery HilgerNEXT, Vienna, Austria

    2013 — «To See» Fotodepartament, St. Petersburg, Russia

    2013 — «Fotobase» All Russian Decorative Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

    2013 — «Distance» Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

    2013 — «The happy end» МАММ, Moscow, Russia

    2012 — «Closed during restorations. Internal works» ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia


    2019 — FOTO WIEN, Vienna, Austria 

    2019 — «KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO», Tbilisi, Georgia

    2018 — «7th Hamburg Photography Triennale 18», Hamburg, Germany

    2018 — «Circulation(s) 2018. Festival of young European photography», Paris, France

    2018 — «Plat(t)form 18» (Fotomuseum Winterthur), Winterthur, Switzerland

    2017 — «X Moscow International Biennale Fashion and style in photography 2017», Moscow, Russia

    2017 — «Photobookfest 17», Moscow, Russia

    2016 — «Tbilisi Photo Festival», Tbilisi, Georgia

    2016 — «Festival Form», Moscow, Russia

    2016 — «Voices Off Festival», Arles, France

    2016 — «F/STOP 2016 Festival for Photography», Leipzig, Germany (25. June - 3. Jule)

    2016 — «Photoparade in Uglich»», Uglich, Russia

    2016 — «Arkhangelsk Photo Festival», Arkhangelsk, Russia (20 May –  June)

    2016 — «Riga photomonth», Riga, Latvia

    2015 — «The 6th Moscow Biennale of contemporary art», Moscow, Russia

    2015 — «Voices Off Festival», Arles, France

    2015 — «Photoparade in Uglich»», Russia

    2015 — «Baltic Biennale of Photography», Kaliningrad, Russia

    2015 — «IX Moscow International Biennale Fashion and style in photography 2015», Moscow, Russia

    2014 — «Manifesta 10», St. Petersburg, Russia

    2013 — «Vienna photo book festival», Viena, Austria


    2019 — All-Russian competition of young artists NOVA ART 201 (Long list)

    2018—2019 — Grant program of the museum Garage 2018-2019 

    2018 — The work "Drunk confessions" was included in the long list the Sergey Kuryokhin Award 2018

    2018 — The work "breakfast for Artem" and "Drunk confessions" was included in the short list Art Innovation Price 2018

    2018 — The work "Breakfast for Artem", entered the list of "Works of the year: 2017", according to

    2018 — «Plat(t)form 18» /one of the eight Plat(t)form artists whose work was chosen as especially convincing/» (Fotomuseum Winterthur), Winterthur, Switzerland

    2016 — «Voices Off Festival», short list

    2015 — «Voices Off Festival», short list

    2015 — Piter photo fest, winner

    2014 — German Photobook Award, silver medal 

    2003 — Third Youth Delphic Games, bronze medal

    Artist-in-residency programs

    2018 — Swedish Lapland AiR at Havremagasinet Boden, Luleå, Sweden

    2017 — Workshop Foundation of  Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, Moscow, Russia

    2017 — Atelierhaus, Dusseldorf, Germany - as a part of cultural exchange between Moscow and Dusseldorf

    2015 — AIR BARENTS 2015 (Residency grant), winner

    Porfolio viewing

    2019 — Ankaria Foundation,  Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow (MAMM), Moscow

    2018 — «Plat(t)form 18» /one of the eight Plat(t)form artists whose work was chosen as especially convincing/» (Fotomuseum Winterthur), Winterthur, Switzerland

    2016 — «Voices Off Festival», Arles, France


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